Caya Diaphragm

Caya Diaphragm

The Caya® contoured diaphragm is a female contraceptive barrier device designed with input from women, their partners and health care providers. It is a great option for women who are interested in a non-hormonal, user-initiated method with no side-effects. The size and the shape of the Caya were determined scientifically to fit most women.

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Recommended for:

hormone-free birth control and contraception

Package contents:

1 x Caya cotoured diaphragm,
1 x Plastic Storage Case,
1 x Manufacturer’s Instructions for Use,
1 x DVD with film on how to use Caya


Medically licensed Silicone

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Approved by the MOH


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– Friendly and hormone-free contraception-


The size and the shape of the Caya were determined scientifically to fit most women. The innovative design reduces the needs for traditional fittings, making contraception available even when medical care may not be.

Moreso, the innovative design provides exceptional comfort; rim dimples assist with gripping for easy and accurate insertion while the finger dome eases removal.

Caya diaphragm, together with Caya Gel is highly effective contraceptive. Caya Gel composition reduces the motility of sperm cells by changing the optimal pH and creating a non-friendly environment inside the vagina.

– How to use –

Caya is inserted into the vagina like a tampon. It is placed between the posterior vaginal vault and the space before the pubic bone and covers the cervix opening.

Caya® must always be used in combination with a contraceptive gel. (e.g. Caya® Gel).

After use, the Caya® diaphragm need only be cleaned with soap and water. Disinfectants do not need to be used and are not recommended. The Caya® diaphragm can, in principle, be boiled. After a vaginal infection, the Caya® diaphragm should be replaced with a new one.

Approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health registration number 28750001

- Features -

  • Cervical cup: accommodates a range of cervical sizes.
  • Rim: provides stability and helps guide the Caya deep into the vagina as the woman pushes on the anterior edge.
  • Grip dimples: orient the woman's fingers and provide a tactile cue for where to hold and squeeze the rim.
  • Removal dome: allows for easy removal; a woman's finger can fit under or over the dome to remove the device.

Without getting into too many details, I wanted to let you know that my personal experience was fantastic! It was much easier to insert and take out than the conventional diaphragm. It was comfortable and fit well, without the need to locate or check, a very nice fit. I did not feel a thing and neither did my partner - no interference, and did not move out of place. Thank you very much!!!

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