Beit Yoldot  Midwives
Beit Yoldot Midwives
Bet Yoldot founded by Ofrit Pack and Tammy Tessler in 2011 provides women an option for home births with experienced midwives. Bet Yoldot services include pre- and post- birth care including fitting for diaphragms.
Idit Rais                  Nurse
Idit Rais Nurse
Idit is a nurse with a practice in women's sexual health including diaphragm fittings, matters of family purity and vaginismus.
Michal Schonbrun Fertility Awareness
Michal Schonbrun Fertility Awareness
Michal teaches fertility awareness to accurately determine the woman's fertile and infertile time in her cycle, and use this information to either achieve a pregnancy or avoid a pregnancy through natural means.
Roni Ben Eliahu Physiotherapist
Roni Ben Eliahu Physiotherapist
Ronit specializes in rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and is an experienced fitter of Caya diaphragms. In addition, Ronit is a certified yoga teacher and a childbirth preparation trainer.

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